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Harp Regulation and Repair

Articles on Harp Care and Repair

If you'd like to learn more about what goes into a harp regulation, check out my article: What is a Harp Regulation Anyway?

For more articles, check out back issues of my (not so) quarterly newsletter, The Harp Herald. The table below lists the main article in each issue.

For even more great information, search the Harp Herald Blog . Articles I've written since 2012 are mostly available there.

The Lowdown: Getting the Most from Your Bass Wires Winter, 2009
How to Adjust Your Pedal Brass Summer, 2009
The Care and Feeding of Your Lever Harp Winter, 2010
What is a Harp Regulation Anyway? Summer, 2010
Introducing the Dusty Harp Pickup Fall, 2010
Continuing Education Summer, 2011
Frame by Frame (All about body base frames) Spring, 2012